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Miami, Florida is a growing city with a innovative thriving economy — and this has brought in a wide range of industries. Because of this, there’s many opportunities for welders to find work.

Competition for welding jobs can be fierce, so it’s important to know how to stand out to get those “easy as cake” jobs. Previous work history (with photographs) helps a lot.

Welding Certifications

A way to increase your chances of finding a welding job in Miami is to become certified. Many employers in the welding industry prefer to hire workers who have been certified by the American Welding Society (AWS).

To become certified, you must pass a series of exams that test your knowledge and skills in welding. These exams cover a variety of welding techniques, including shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, and flux-cored arc welding. You can find the AWS website here.

Currently it costs less than $60 to become certified through AWS. And if studying and a school type environment (even online) is not your thing, keep in mind that YouTube can be your friend here and you can watch extra videos to help you get ready and pass the certification. We know you can do it — and just tell yourself that you really can.

Many employers in the welding industry look for welders who have experience. You can gain a lot of experience as an apprentice — or by taking on independent welding projects. You may find you like being independent so much that the money is good and the work starts to find you.

Professional Organizations

In addition to getting certified and gaining experience, it’s also important to network and make connections in the welding industry. Professional organizations can help you network, such as the American Welding Society and the Miami Fabricators & Erectors Association.

These helpful organizations provide valuable resources and connections that that lead to job opportunities. After a few projects, word gets out and people start seeking you out to solve their welding needs.

Persistence and Proactive

When looking for welding jobs in Miami, it’s important to be persistent and proactive initially. Don’t be afraid to reach out to potential employers and let them know that you’re looking for work.

Always keep an up to date resume on your computer and make sure it highlights your certifications, experience and skills — along with photo examples of some of the more difficult projects you handled. This helps so you can quickly answer questions about work history.

If you’re new to welding, it’s also important to be flexible and willing to take on a variety of jobs.

You may need to be willing to work in a variety of settings, including construction sites, factories, and shipyards. At first, some of the projects may be difficult or even unpleasant, but given time and new history, you’ll be getting the projects that everyone else wish they had.

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